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You will learn in Android

Introduction to Android:

Learn HTML & CSS to build structure of web pages and to style them

Learning to Build User Interfaces

Learn how to build simple User Interfaces using XML. Start building a basic My Profile app.

Learning to Add Functionalities

Learn basics of Kotlin. Add functionalities to the My Profile app and complete it.

Interface with Database

Introducing SQLite, SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database,

Web Services

Understanding Web Services, Integrating Web Services, REST, SOAP – JSON based calling.

Integrating Google Maps

User Interface – MapView, Maps API Key generation, Adding layers to the Map – Overlays


Accessing telephony information, Interaction with the phone, Working with messaging SMS, Voice Activity and Messaging Activity

Multimedia in Android

Multimedia Supported audio formats, Playing Audio & Video, Recording Audio & Video, Accessing Camera, Capturing Photos

What do you get

  • Android Placement Training

    Placement Training

    Get complimentary access to placement training to ace your internship/job hunt.
  • Android Industrial Project

    Industrial Project

    Build your own Android music player app
  • Android Hands On Exercises

    Hands On Exercises

    Your training is packed with assignments, assessment tests, code challenges, quizzes and exercises
  • Android Certified Training

    Certified Training

    At the end of your training program you will be awarded with certificate of completion.
  • Android Live chat support

    Live chat support

    Interact with teaching expert over 1 hour daily live chat.
  • Android Forum support

    Forum support

    Post your queries on forum and get it answered within 24 hours.