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Why School ERP?

It needs to have one centralized system, which keeps, maintains and updates all the activities related to your reputed Institution. It needs to have simplification of complex business processes for taking active decisions and total control over every (small or big) issue, related to planning, implementation and review of the System.

  • School Management Redesigned

    Our prime motive is to serve for the efficient and systematic functioning of schools and also thereby ensure better future for the students. Communication with potential clients helped us in developing our product so as to ease up the efforts in school administration. High reliability and cost efficiency will surely be a great reason for esteemed clients to choose out our school management system.

    Exam & Result Management

    Online exam and result management modules make teacher & admin staff more easier and productive. Manage examination flow, publish results and report card online. Here are the key options available in this module.

  • Instantly Communicate with Parents

    The mobile app automates pop-up messages and instant alerts to notify parents regarding different events and acitivites in school.

    Public Relation Management

    Keep the Contacts Us at your touch screen to better manage the relations with various stakeholders. Our PRM (Personal Relation Management) module provides access to complete student directory with their parents contact details, teacher directory with their contact details and visitors details.


  • Admission
  • Transport
  • Fee
  • Library & Examination
  • Staff & Time-Table
  • Purchase & Inventory
  • Accounts & Reception
  • Infirmary & Security
  • Hostel & Mess
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